Welcome To Your Professional Lives

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Do you consider yourself a professional?

There is a danger of going through high school on auto-pilot. Simply going to school because that is what we are supposed to do. Because that is what we have done all our lives. Your tenure here at Provo High School will prepare you for the rest of your professional and adult lives. Your effort here will either create opportunities, or limit possibilities for that future. As your teacher I am here to provide you with opportunities to learn. It is your responsibility to take deliberate hold of your future and make of it what you will. Did that all sound too serious? Too intense? Too boring?

There is nothing boring about living purpose-driven lives. Life is only limited by the scope of your vision and the effort given to your actions. The journey can be both rewarding and enjoyable. But if we are not clear in the beginning about where we want to go we are not going to get anywhere. So Welcome…

This year we will work hard. And we will have fun working hard. Make the most of your time here. Living deliberate lives includes being involved in sports, clubs, service groups and every other opportunity Provo High School offers you to grow as an individual and enjoy your time here. Do what you do. Just do it deliberately.

Mr. Wiederhold